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Parents Sharing Work Opportunities

Dear Parents/Carers


There seems to be a misunderstanding about the purpose of the sharing work with your child opportunities. This is not a replacement for the opportunity to look at your child’s work on parents evening but an additional chance to sit with your child and look through their work. Mrs Pinney will be giving out children’s books to parents at parents evening so we comply with the GDPR laws, so the same as before, you will still have chance to look at the work before meeting with the teacher.


We appreciate that these sessions are during the school day and not everyone is able to attend, this is the same with our parent/carer information sessions. Unfortunately we are unable to offer additional evening sessions. We will however look at offering these sessions in the spring term on different days.


These sessions have been provided by the school with the notion of trying to give parents more idea about what happens in the school during the working day, so as well as sharing work you were able to get a sense of the atmosphere and purpose while school was in operation. We have also planned to provide parents with the chance to visit the school in action tours later in the term; these will also be during school hours.