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All home learning work is optional, but highly recommended. There are lots of education resources on this page, as well as ideas to help with the boredom of isolation. Feel free to pick and choose what you use. All worksheets uploaded do not need to be printed, but can be used as a guide on a screen and then questions can be done on a separate piece of paper.


Please keep checking for updates - especially the daily videos!



Click on the link below for the Holway Olympics page.

Weekly Writing Task 14 - Hot Air Balloon Journey

This task is to write a journey tale of you (or whoever your main character is) going on a hot air balloon journey where something goes wrong. Follow the structure in the video and try and include a small problem and resolution in addition to the standard structure. Remember the importance of planning.

This can be done either on a computer or handwritten. We would love to see what you have produced so please email us your work (if your work is handwritten, you can take a picture of this work and send the picture).


Stay Active, Keep Moving


A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind. Try to keep you children (and yourselves) as active as possible during the school closure. The current government guidelines recommend that children are physically active for at least 60 minutes a day. A walk, a run, a cycle or scoot are great options, but remember, no close contact with anyone.

'Get Active, Keep Moving' Challenge 14 - Kung Fu Fighting

This week's 'Get Active, Keep Moving' Challenge.

Have a go at this dance of Kung Fu Fighting. This was one of the favourite songs from Musical Theatre Club's show The Alley that had to get cancelled due to the shutdown.

Make sure you send me your pictures of you having a go so I can share it on the website to inspire others to keep active.

Science Investigation 14 - Investigating Cornflour

This week's Weekly Science Investigation is exploring cornflour! Mix cornflower and water together to make the mixture that can't make up it's mind whether it is liquid or solid... Why do you think it keeps changing? Let me know what you think and send me through any pictures of you exploring the mixture so I can share them on the website.

Here are the links explained in the video that explain the science behind this craziness!!
Guardian -

Additional Science Experiments

Mr Cole's Isolation Challenge 27 - Make Your Own Instrument

Here is a little challenge to help with the boredom of being isolated at home - make your own instrument.

Use whatever you can find at home to try and create your own instrument.

Make sure you send me pictures of your instrument so I can share them on the website.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests with home learning during this time, please email Mr Cole.

Chuckles and his Happy Ever After Trailer

The trailer for the end of year staff production of the sequel to the Christmas staff pantomime, Chuckles and his Happy Ever After. Full production coming soon!