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All home learning work is optional (but highly recommended). There is lots of education resources on this page, as well as ideas to help with the boredom of isolation. Feel free to pick and choose what you use.


Please keep checking for updates - especially the daily videos!

Weekly Writing Task 2 (W/C 30/03/20)

This week's writing task is to write an instruction text about washing your hands.

Key Stage 2, as an additional target, include time conjunctions (words like firstly, secondly, next, then, finally).

Year 5 and 6 try and use prepositional phrases within your writing (if you are stuck use this BBC Teach video to give you some examples of prepositions ).

This can be done either on a computer or handwritten. We would love to see what you have produced so please email us your work (if your work is handwritten, you can take a picture of this work and send the picture).

All previous Weekly Writing Tasks are stored on YouTube.

Stay Active, Keep Moving


A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind. Try to keep you children (and yourselves) as active as possible during the school closure. The current government guidelines recommend that children are physically active for at least 60 minutes a day. A walk, a run, a cycle or scoot are great options, but remember, no close contact with anyone and only once a day.

Weekly 'Get Active, Keep Moving' Challenge 1 - Kick Dance

This week's 'Get Active, Keep Moving' Challenge.

Some of you might have seen this as it's circulating around the internet, but here is myself and Miss Gudge giving it a go!

Make sure you send me your pictures of you being active so I can put them on the website to inspire others.

Weekly Science Investigation

This week's Weekly Science Investigation. Popping a balloon with orange peel. What other fruits work? Email me any results you find!

Additional Science Experiments

Mr Cole's Isolation Challenge 2 - Recorder Songs

Here is a little challenge to help with the boredom of being trapped at home! Can you guess what each of the 5 songs are I am playing on the recorder? Could you learn an instrument with your time off, or learn another new skill?

Please keep sending any pictures or videos of how you are keeping yourselves entertained during isolation.

Follow the link to the YouTube video to get the answers.

Just for fun...

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts 1
Scavenger Hunts 2
Scavenger Hunts 3
Scavenger Hunts 4
Scavenger Hunts 5
Scavenger Hunts 6
Scavenger Hunts 7
Scavenger Hunts 8
Scavenger Hunts 9

Board Games

Board Games 1 Mrs Palmer and her children playing scrabble!

Any questions, concerns or requests with home learning during this time please email Mr Cole.