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Communications Policy

Holway Park School Communications with Parents & Carers

It is very important to us that we work closely in partnership with parents and carers, and communication between home and school is key. We believe that clear, open communication between the school, parents/carers and other agencies has a positive impact on pupils’ learning.


How we communicate with parents and carers


Text messages

Phone calls

School Website

Face to Face meetings

Parents Updates

Letters home


Parents are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that communication with the school is respectful at all times
  • Making every reasonable effort to address communications to the appropriate member of staff in the first instance
  • Respond to communications from the school (such as requests for meetings) in a timely manner
  • Checking all communications from the school

Any communication that is considered disrespectful, abusive or threatening will be treated in line with our parent code of conduct.

Parents should not expect staff to respond to their communication outside of core school hours (8.30am- 4.00pm), or during school holidays.