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Parents & Carers Xmas update

Dear Parents/Carers

As this term progresses and we approach December we will need to adapt our Christmas activities in response to the current situation. We wholeheartedly want the month of December to continue to be exciting and for the children to learn about Christmas celebrations as normal.

Virtual Nativity/Christmas Story

We have plans for a virtual nativity story/poem on each class Teams pages to ensure children (and adults) still get this opportunity.


Christmas Dinner

 Rita is still going to provide a Christmas dinner even though this will have to be eaten in the classroom; teachers will still be decorating their classrooms once we reach December


Christmas Hamper Raffle

We would also still like to hold a Christmas Hamper raffle but we are obviously going to have to follow quarantine and extra sanitation guidelines. The list of things we are asking parents/carers to donate towards the Christmas Hamper Raffle is in the newsletters section of the website, all items donated will have to go into quarantine before they can be put together so please start donating these items from now.


I would like to thank all the parents/carers who are supporting our community by wearing a face mask during drop off and collection times.



Some of the local residents are becoming quite upset by the lack of consideration a handful of parents are showing by parking in front of, or on residents driveways. Please do not block or park on local residents drives, park a little farther away and walk into school.