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Parents and Carers Parking

Dear Parents and Carers

Our local PCSO has visited the school to request a reminder to you about parking following a complaint from a local resident about blocking their driveway and being rude and abusive towards them when asked to move the car. It is with disappointment that I write again to request that you park with consideration for the residents of Broughton Close and Shakespeare Avenue.

  • Parking on footpaths is both illegal and dangerous.
  • Parking in front of people’s garages is very inconsiderate even for only a few minutes.
  • Blocking residents’ drives is another example of lack of consideration for local residents.

I would like to respectfully ask that if you live too far from the school to walk could you please park a little further away from the school gates, for example on Upper Holway Road, Milton Road, Normandy Drive or Bacon Drive and walk the rest of the way into school.

Please try to ensure we keep both your children and others safe through sensible and legal parking.