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Next Year's Classes

Next Year’s Classes

The new classes for next year have been created and as always, like other local schools, we have some mixed age classes within the school. The decision about mixed aged classes is based upon the funding available for the school and how many classes we are able to afford to operate. The number of pupils in school dictates the funding available to the school, this year we had a significant budget cut equivalent to the value of several staff.However, we have created an additional class in KS1, the impact of this is that we have been able to ensure children can be taught within smaller classes and have more adult time to help them with their learning. This means we have a couple of mixed age classes in KS1; we also still have 3 mixed age classes in KS2. Holway Park School has a long history of mixed age classes and pupils outcomes have always been good irrespective of whether they are taught in a mixed age class or not.


Unfortunately because we were unable to appoint all teachers before Tuesday 18th July we were therefore unable to make the final decisions about which teachers would be teaching which classes. This meant that we were therefore unable to notify parents or children about which classes they were in before Wednesday this week.