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Dangerous Buildings

Dangerous Buildings

Dear families

Across the Somerset area we sadly have a number of abandoned and dangerous buildings, along with a significant increase in individuals trespassing into such buildings, causing anti-social behaviour and additional damage. There is a growing trend of posting videos online of explorations into these abandoned buildings, in which individuals are putting themselves, and others at risk.

Derelict and abandoned buildings can be dangerous. These buildings are often in a poor state of repair, structurally unstable, and there may be a risk of collapse. There may be debris lying around, falling ceilings and unstable rotted floors. Many routes may be blocked preventing escape in the event of emergency, there may be hazardous materials on site such as asbestos. Fire damage and water damage from previous incidents may well have made floors, roofs and stairways structurally unsafe.

These types of buildings are inherently dangerous places for those who may be trapped inside and even for emergency services such as police and firefighters in the event of a rescue.

We are therefore writing to all families to urge you to share this information with your families and to ask that those responsible stay out of these buildings to avoid serious injury or worse. Not only is trespass into these sites illegal, but it may also result in avoidable rescues taking resources away from where they may be needed elsewhere in the Somerset area.

We would ask that parents and other people who work with children and young people warn them of the dangers they face. Trespassing in derelict buildings could ultimately leave you with a serious injury or worse.

Even though a building looks abandoned, it will still have an owner and if you’re on the site without permission you’re trespassing. Somerset Council are working closely with Avon and Somerset Police to target trespassers entering into these buildings and cannot stress enough the importance of the content of this letter and would welcome your support in keeping our community safe by sharing this information with your families, children and young people.

Should you like any additional information or have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the relevant services using the below contact information.

Yours sincerely

Michelle Fry, Somerset Council