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Applications for Secondary School places for pupils in Year 6

Important reminder of information for families with children in Year 6 or due to start school in 2019:

All school place applications for transfers to Secondary School and for first admissions to school (Early Years)will need to be via the portal on Somerset County Council’s website which is now open. You can apply on line or phone Somerset Direct for a paper copy of the application, 0300 123 2224.


Somerset County Council will NOT be writing to you to advise you of this and therefore please go to the website or call Somerset Direct to ensure that you can start the application process. Please pass on to friends and family who also have children in Somerset due to transfer to Secondary School or to start school in September 2019. 


Parent information is now available on Somerset County Council’s Facebook page   

The closing date for transfers to secondary and Upper schools or Technology Colleges is 31/10/2018 and First Admissions (includes infant to junior and first to middle) is 15/01/2019.