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Marcus Rashford, a man with a dream


relied on free school meals and needed as much help as possible to support him. When Marcus grew older, less and less schools were doing free school meals because it cost too much to be giving free school meals, so Marcus made a difference.


He started in 2019 by trying to persuade the government to give children in need free meals, or free school meal vouchers. Unfortunately, Boris (the current prime minister) didn’t agree with him as When Marcus Rashford (a famous English footballer) was a boy in London, Marcus and his mother well as other politicians. March last year the whole of the UK went into lockdown because of the new pandemic Covid 19, and the schools’ giving free school meals couldn’t anymore. It was a national disaster and Marcus had to act quickly so he went on strike with other big celebrities to make a change. On November 19th  he made that change, from a small 8-year-old to a 23-year-old man he has made a difference in the UK. He had a dream and succeeded by preserving and having great determination. He is a hero to all people across the world.


The 4’s are Stargaze when you have a dream, Marcus’s was to feed every child, Spirit is when you have great determination and preserve, Marcus had to preserve through when the government said no to free school meals. Strive is when you have great resilient when he bounced back when Boris said no. Finally, Sparkle is when you succeed in your goal which is when he persuades Boris to give out free school meal vouchers to vulnerable children.     


By Harry 

The Golden Medal


There was a young boy called Mo Farrah. Mo Farrah and his mum, dad and his twin brother all lived in Somalia where it was very dangerous.  He came to London with his dad having to leave his mum and twin brother behind. It was very confusing for Mo and his dad because they could barely knew how to speak English. His dad and Mo came to London to give Mo better life opportunities.  Mo had to show good spirit to fit in to a new country and learn the language. When they came to England Mo wanted to be a football player and play for Arsenal. But he joined an athletics club when he was a teenager. He strived really hard to do his best.  He now has many Gold medals, including 4 Olympic Gold and 6 World Championship Gold medals.  He was knighted and is now Sir Mo Farrah.


I think Mo Farrah is a good example of the 4 s’s to show how he worked so hard to achieve so much.


By Poppy


By Sadie