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Weekly Writing Tasks

Please complete the weekly writing task which you can also find by following this link:


When your child has completed the task, you can send  it to Miss Esch (Medway) or Mr Dehaan (Tamar) so that we can read them and provide some feedback if you would like.


Miss Esch -

Mr Dehaan -



Week 1:

Create a poster or newspaper article explaining why schools have been shut.


Week 2:

Write some instructions explaining how to wash our hands properly. - Don't forget to use time connectives and those bossy, imperative verbs!


Week 3:

Write a journey tale! Who is your main character? Where are they at the beginning of your story? Where are they going? What problems do they have along the way?

Remember planning your story ideas before you write is always really helpful!

Opening - Main Character decides to go on a journey.

Build-up - Something small goes wrong.

Problem - Something bigger goes wrong!

Resolution - All the problems are solved.

Ending - Main Character reaches their destination! :) 


Week 4:

Write a Thank You Letter to the NHS or specific Key Worker for all the wonderful work they are doing during this Covid pandemic!


Week 5:

Write a Thankful poem! Use this is a writing frame to help you write yours - 

And when this is all over...

We will be thankful for...

We will be thankful for..

We will be thankful for..


Week 6:

Write a film review! Watch a film and tell us what you think about it! You can use Mr Cole's example for inspiration or look at/use this template to help you structure your ideas.


Week 7 - Super hero Character Description

Design your own superhero and describe what they look like and what they can do!

Week 8 - Superhero tale of fear

Using the super hero character you invented last time, write a story where they go face to face with their biggest fear!

Week 9 - Persuasive Speech

Write a persuasive piece of writing, persuading people to stay alert during lock down!

Week 10 - Mystery Letter story

Write a short story where your main character has an ambition/dream. Suddenly they come across a mystery letter inviting them to do the thing they always dreamed to do!