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Week beginning 8th June

Task 1 - Reading Challenge

As you would have seen on our class page, we have a new treasure hunt reading challenge for you to begin! Make a start on this challenge if you haven't started yet or keep up the great reading if you have already started. 


We would love to have some photos sent in to us of you having fun reading and we can add these to our 'remarkable readers' section to our hall of fame!


Here is also a quick reading comprehension activity you can try!

Task 2 - Writing Challenge - A mysterious Letter



This weeks writing challenge is to write a story that is all about a character reaching their dreams all because of a mysterious letter! This story has 3 parts:


Opening - introduce your main character and what their dream is.


Middle - Your main character receives/ finds the mysterious letter about their dream. How does your main character feel?


End - Your main character is living their dream!


I have attached a planning sheet below to help guide your ideas for your story. You can print this out to help you plan or simply use it as a guide!

Task 3 - Maths

The maths focus this week is division. Have a go at a couple of these activities! Remember to show your calculations when finding the answer!



If you are in need of any extra challenges this week, check out our extra maths puzzles by clicking the link here!