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Week beginning 6th July


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Task 1 - Reading Comprehension

The text has 3 differentiated sets of texts and questions, choose the set that is best suited to your level!

You can also give this short comprehension challenge a try too!

Task 2 - Writing Challenge - Hot air balloon journey

Imagine you, or your character is going on a hot air balloon trip - where are they going, maybe somewhere magical?! BUT OH NO! Something terrible happens! How will your character get out of their tricky situation?


Remember the structure of a journey tale:

Opening - Main character decides to go on a journey

Build up - A little problem happens but it is okay

Problem- An EVEN BIGGER problem happens!!

Resolution - Luckily your main character solves the problem

Ending - Your main character finally reaches their destination 


You can use the planning sheet provided as a guide to help you!

Here is our extra SPAG activities for you to try this week!

Task 3- Maths

The maths focus this week is shape.  This involves exploring and sorting the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes. 

Here are a couple of interactive games you can try too!