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Week beginning 29th June

Task 1 - Reading Comprehension

The text has 3 differentiated sets of texts and questions, choose the set that is best suited to your level!

You can also give this short comprehension challenge a try too!

Task 2 - Writing Challenge - Design your own creature!

This week's writing challenge is to first of all design your OWN creature. Think carefully about the features you want your new animal to have. Does it have fur, scales or feathers? Does it live in a hot, wet or cold place? You can use the attached document to help you plan or look at Miss Esch's example!

Picture 1

After planning, you can then get stuck into writing your information page. Remember to use subheadings for your writing. We always start with an introduction and end with a did you know? fact at the end of our reports. Follow this structure...



Have you ever heard of the ______? Would you like to know more about the _____? If so then read on to find out more!


What does it look like?



Where does it live?



Did you know?

You can use the writing frame provided if you want to.
Here is our extra SPAG activity this week:
Picture 1

Task 3- Maths

The maths focus this week is data handling/statistics.  This involves reading and writing tally charts, pictograms and graphs!

Mini-beasts love the wet weather we have been having! Why not keep make a tally chart of your own to record all of the bugs you can find!
And of course, here are a couple of interactive games you can try too!
Task 4 - The Quangle Wangle's Hat 


The activities in this booklet are inspired by and based on a nonsense poem called The Quangle Wangle’s Hat by Edward Lear. It will really help your child if it’s possible to access a reading of the poem either on YouTube or SoundCloud (both links are in the booklet).

At the end of the booklet, please support your child to rate and comment on how they got on with learning through this booklet.


The activities are:

  • What is a Quangle Wangle talk activity
  • Imagine & draw what a Quangle Wangle looks like Three read, imagine and think activities
  • The Quangle Wangle’s Hat talk activity Vocabulary activity
  • Story map activity
  • Imagine & write character descriptions activity Poetry read & write activity
  • Review