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Week beginning 22nd June

Task 1 - Reading Comprehension

The text has 3 differentiated sets of texts and questions, choose the set that is best suited to your level!

You can also give this short comprehension challenge a try too!

Task 2 - Writing Challenge - Write a Portal Tale!

First, listen to the story about Herb who goes through a portal into his fairy tale book! 

Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Book? - Lauren Child/Hugh Laurie

Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Book Audiobook. Written by Lauren Child and read by Hugh Laurie. The story of a boy who fell into a book . . . with a guest appea...

Imagine you get transported into your favourite fairy tale when you fell asleep just like Herb. Where would you go? What adventure would you have?


Do you help Jack escape the Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk?


Do you trick the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood?


What about...visit the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel - be careful of the witch who lives there!

You can use this planning sheet as a guide for your story writing! We can't wait to hear what fairy tale adventure you have!
Here is an extra SPAG Challenge you might want to try too!
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Task 3 - Maths

The maths focus this week is time. Children need to know how to first read O'clock and half past. Then they can move onto quarter past and quarter to. Only once they are confident with these times they can finally move onto reading the time in 5 minute intervals.Have a go at a couple of these activities! Remember to show your calculations when working out the answer to word problems!

Here are a few games to help you practise your telling the time skills too!