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Week beginning 18th May

Task 1 - SPAG!

Take a look at these sentences and see if you can fix them!

You can also have a go at these extra SPAG challenges too!

Task 2 - Writing Challenge - Write a Superhero tale of fear


Using the superhero character you created last week, write a tale of fear. This is the structure to follow...

Opening - Main Character is afraid of something and is worried about it/gets teased for it.


Build up - Main Character begins to do something.


Problem - What the Main Character fears actually happens


Resolution - Main Character overcomes the fear


Ending - Main Character has conquered the fear/ reflects/ looks to the future


Remember it is important to plan your story before you write you story in paragraphs! You can use these templates to help you plan your story before you write. 

Task 3

Our maths focus this week is addition. Have a try at a couple of the challenges set below. Remember to draw your numbers or use the written methods to help you find the answers!

Here are some addition interactive games you can try too! Most of these games allows you to choose your own level of challenge and select addition as the question focus. Have fun!