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Week beginning 13th July

Here are our final challenges for this academic year! A huge well done to Medway and Tamar for all your hard work and positive spirit throughout these different times! You have been super! Enjoy our challenges this week and have a wonderful, well deserved summer break.

Challenge 1 - Reading Comprehension

Have a go at these reading comprehensions. Remember the answers to the questions are always hiding in the text!

Challenge 2  -Writing Challenge - Write an ACROSTIC poem


An acrostic poem is the poem where we start with a word we want to write about down the left hand side. Then we make up sentences or phrases about that topic using our starting letters.

You could write your poem about the Coronavirus or choose something about the summer to write about instead!



Sunshine in the sky,

Unforgettable times at the beach,

Mum's picnics,

Marvellous ice creams!

Everyone having fun,

Relax and play!


Ice cream

Incredible taste,

Cool and refreshing,

Excellent treat!


Cover it in sprinkles and,

Runny, sticky sauce!

And enjoy, before it,

Here is our short SPAG activity for this week.

Challenge 3 - Maths

This week in maths, we have a variety of different summer maths activities to try. 

Remember you can still keep using the BBC daily lessons to find more fun learning activities!