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Week beginning 11th May

Task 1


Look at the picture below ( we would like you to invent your own piece of writing using this as inspiration! You could write a story, you could describe the setting, you could explain what is happening in the picture, you can write a newspaper article....the possibilities are endless! You can even have a go at answering the questions attached to the picture!


We look forward to seeing how creative you are!


No one knew where they had come from. Nobody had even been there when they appeared.


Once word had spread about these mysterious objects, people had started to flock from far and wide.

Sophie loved a mystery, and she herself had journeyed a great way to see if the rumours she had heard were true.


She stood on the makeshift stone path that had been hurriedly thrown down to guide the curious onlookers through the scorching desert, and gazed in amazement at the sight that greeted her bewildered eyes…

Task 2

Have a go at the weekly writing task! Design your own superhero! Then you can describe your character in full sentences. Remember to use lots of interesting adjectives! What is their super name? What special abilities do they have? What is their personality like? 

If you are really struggling with your superhero drawing/ writing, you can use this template to help you!

Task 3


Maths practise! Revisit and practise place value knowledge.  Take a look at the resources below and give  a couple of these challenges a go! Remember, there is no need to print anything!


Place Value Problem Solving
Here are some place value interactive games you could try!