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w/c 15th June THE SECRET QUEST

The Secret Quest


They knew what had to be done. Time was of the essence.


Quietly placing their oars in the water so as not to make a sound, the two dark figures inched their way across the moonlit lake. Far away on the horizon they could see it…their objective. They had to reach the house. They had to remain undetected.


To their surprise, a light flickered on in one of the rooms. Was someone there? They were told it would be empty. They were told they would be alone. They saw a silhouette pass the glowing window. Who on earth was it? They exchanged an anxious glance. The one in the top hat cursed under his breath. The one with the curly hair shrugged. Beginning to panic, the pair began to paddle faster, oblivious to the splashing sound they were now making.


It did not matter. Time was running out! They only had a matter of minutes…