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What have you been up to at home? Send Mrs Palmer some pictures and you can share!

Emily was inspired by Operation Ouch to 'make poo'...intrigued? Open her experiment to check it out!

Fwue wolves by Eva
Daniel's home sports day!
Mrs Salisbury has entered a scarecrow competition in her village! It's a landgirl.
William's tomato plant is growing!
Emily practising her surgeon skills!
Eva enjoyed a paddle at the Great Wood!
Amy complete a whopping 1000 piece puzzle! Wow.
Daniel utlising the sun for some shadow drawing...
...and here's the final result!
Check out Ben's blooming sunflower!
Lydia built a den
Daniel's stunning fish
Remy's squirrel photo!
Carmen and Isabella have been fossil hunting...
...look what they found!
Remy made a special Father's Day breakfast. Yum!
Eva has been making homemade bird feeders
Eleanor got a medal from home for working hard!
Want your car washed? Just ask Braiden!
Carmen and Isabella pond dipping...
...and look what they found. A large newt!
Daniel's origami triumphs
Braiden's origami butterfly
Emily's work on volcanos (see the video below!)
Leon's science fun with cornflour
Leon has enjoyed reading these books about footbal
...and look at these facts he found out!
Emily has been working hard at learning x tables!
Arthur making a...
...bug hotel!
Christopher having a swimming lesson in his pool!
Carmen & Isabella checking out some caves...
...getting ready for an adventure...
...and travelling deep into the darkness!
Remy hunting for treasure with his metal detector
Remy meeting a tortoise called Harry
Growing basil and parsley as part of a Cubs badge
Darth Vader here I come!
Whoa - jellyfish!
Carmen and Isabella have been rock climbing...
...enjoying yummy campfire marshmallows
...and fun in a wheelbarrow!
Beth helped to build a treehouse!
Beth enjoying some rays whilst enjoying a good boo
Phoebe made some fabulous fish!
Finlay has been visiting different train crossings
Lilly and her BLUE PETER BADGE for being Eco...
...and this is how Lilly got it!
Daniel's stunning drawing of a Storm Trooper
Flora playing Bananagrams - go Flora!
Amy practising for the Olymipcs...
...and being crowned 'Queen of the Garden'!
Daniel's very own chocolate bar recipe... even has an M for Mega on it...
...and here is his final creation. Yum!
Mrs Salisbury has been busy painting pebbles...
...and trying to do a puzzle with her cat there!
Braiden working out on his trampoline
Finlay has been busy cooking yummy cakes...
...finding magical dragons...
...and scootering with his sister!
Evan has been enjoying some woodland walks...
...and even walked to Durston along the canal!
Some pictures of what Daniel has been up to!
Daniel tried some science
Ben found some awesome fossils...
...and a CRAB!!
Emily has been reading - a lot!
Braiden has been doing some art
Mrs Palmer's first attempt at baking bread! Yum
An acrostic poem about football by Braiden!
Some great Pobble365 writing by Daniel!
Want to learn about Ronaldo? Well done Braiden
Atticus the cat and Rudy the dog having a chat!
Mrs Palmer's sewing project!

Emily made her very own volcano!

Still image for this video

Daniel and his brother and sister made this wonderful lockdown video for their grandparents. What a lovely idea!

Still image for this video

Macey has learnt her 9 x table. Go Macey!

Still image for this video

Harriet created a great video about Staying Safe!

Still image for this video