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Talk for Writing Booklet


The Magical Teaching Box

Dear Parent/Carer,


This booklet is designed for a Year 2 child to work both independently and with a bit of support. All activities can be done alone, however there are some that will be more enjoyable for your child if you or someone else at home can join in.


The activities in this booklet are based on a myth from Ancient Greece called Pandora’s Box. As well as reading the story, there are opportunities to draw, create, play with words and read and write poetry.

At the end of the booklet, please support your child to rate and comment on how they got on with learning through this booklet.


The activities in this booklet are:


★  Read Pandora’s Box

★  Do some activities during the story*

★  Sketch and label Zeus

★  Answer questions about the story

★  Explore alphabetical order with Apollo

★  Match words to their meanings and write sentences

★  Explore apostrophes

★  Read The Magic Box poem

★  Make a magic box

★  Write a magic box poem


The uninterrupted Pandora’s Box myth can be found at the end of this booklet. You

can listen to a recording of the Pandora’s Box myth here:


Best wishes,


Mr Dehaan & Miss Esch