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Spectacular Science!

I'm really pleased that we still have some scientists working at home! With the weather so good; now is a great time to observe the living things around us, help plants and vegetables to grow as well as discover lots more too!



Plant Experiments and in the Garden


It is really fun exploring how plants grow! Look at all the flowers, fruits and vegetables that are beginning to grow in the summer sunshine. Can you remember what plants need to grow big and healthy?

Picture 1 Sienna has been growing plants
Picture 2 Kenzo has been carrying out experiments!
Picture 3 Mrs Norman's carrots
Picture 4 Mrs Norman's strawberries - what do you notice?
Picture 5 What vegetables could Miss Esch be growing?
Picture 6 Look at the roots on this bean plant!


We are spending longer at home with our adorable pets and are exploring lots of insects in our gardens! Mrs Norman has been having lots of fun looking after our cute guinea pigs as well as her own!


Can you remember what animals need to be happy and healthy? What might their food chain look like?  

Picture 1 Thomas has been looking after butterflies!
Picture 2 Look who has a new puppy!
Picture 3 Coco exploring the garden
Picture 4 What is Coco eating?
Picture 5 Raymond and Mo!
Picture 6 Raymond having a big stretch
Picture 7 Coco close up
Picture 8 What is Alvin doing?
Picture 9 What could Coco be looking for?
Picture 10 What is Mo doing here?
Picture 11 Billy having a lovely rest