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Science-Nature Detectives

Nature Detectives! 


Now the weather has taken a turn and we are experiencing a little rain, lots of creepy crawlies have come out to play! Why not try some of these fun activities? 


 - Test your insect knowledge by having a go at this INCREDIBLE INSECTS QUIZ.


- Research insects of your choice and create a factfile. Check out these AWESOME FACTS or use the internet/books to find more facts to wow us with!


- Go on a bug hunt! Lift up some logs, look under stones...what can you find? There are some bug hunt sheets below to help you.


- Finally, be a true scientist by recording and presenting your data! How would you like to present it? In a bar chart? Or a pictogram? Click here and here for some reminders of how to present data.


You all know that I just heart nature, so if you want to share with me anything that you learn or find, please email me at