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Here is where we will showcase examples of the hard work you have been doing at home so we can celebrate the amazing efforts you are all making!  Well done everyone! :) 
Reggie was given a lovely letter and a Blue Peter badge for his Lockdown Boredom Buster that he sent in! Well done Reggie!
Reggie has earnt himself a Blue Peter badge!
Esmé has been really busy with her own project about the Titanic! Take a look! yes

Philippa has written a beautiful poem! Well done Philippa! smiley

Rayan has been working really hard at home with his number skills! Wow! Take a look at his huge effortyes
Take a look at these amazing instructions that Tyler has written. Well done Tyler! 
Millie's marvellous maths work! Well done Mille!!
Gracie's Deep Sea Display! 
Rita has been working really hard with her maths work. See how good it is for yourself!!!