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Maths - Treasure Hunters!

Ooh arr me hearties! 


Your challenge this week is to hide (and find!) treasure! Pirates were masters of maps and directions, so let's see if we can use some maps and directions; pirate-style!



Click here to learn about compasses and directions. Why not then try writing a series of instructions giving directions of how to find your pirate loot, from location A to B and challenge someone in your house to find it? 



Click here to learn about coordinates. You could then have a go at drawing a map of a room in your house and drawing grids on it to create coordinates. Why not then hide something in one of the coordinates and giving clues, ask someone in your home to have a go at finding the correct coordinate?



Of course a pirate was never without a map. Why not make your very own, authentic looking pirate map, with 'X marks the spot' of where you've hidden the treasure? There is a handy Swashbuckle guide below of how to do this. 


And for a little fun, here's a fab multiplication game in a pirate theme!

Click here to start your quest...





Good luck me hearties!! And please send me some pictures to

Ooh arr!