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Tone - The Three Bears and Goldilocks

The Three Bears and Goldilocks

In a land far away, lived three grizzly bears.


Daddy bear had sharp teeth and huge feet. He was very grumpy and had a loud, scary growl.


Mummy bear had a big, wet nose and cute ears. Mummy bear was kind and caring. She had soft hands and pretty blue eyes.


Baby bear was cute and playful. He had tiny feet and dark brown fur. Baby bear had small white teeth and a quiet voice.


One hot, sunny day there was a cheeky, little girl called Goldilocks. Her long, golden hair shone like the sun. She had small, green eyes and dark, pink lips. Goldilocks was wearing a bright, blue dress and shiny red shoes. She was beautiful but she was also very naughty because she didn’t listen to her mummy!