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We have been learning about what humans need to stay alive, grow and be healthy.

Activities to try at home


  • Make a healthy fruit salad/lunch- Can you write a recipe and set of instructions for how you made it. What did it taste like? How did it make you feel after you ate it?
  • Exercise challenge - Have a go at the exercise challenges. How did the exercises make you feel? what changes could you feel? Why is it important to exercise?
  • Hand washing activity - Design your own hand wash bottle design, persuading people to wash their hands! Why must we keep our hands clean?
  • Germs game - Cut out the cards and have a fun card game with the family - don't be left with all the germs at the end!
  • Growth Investigation - Do you get faster as you get older? can you investigate that question?

Sticky learning!

Below shows the learning objectives we have covered in this Science unit.