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Home schooling Guidance


We hope you will find this guidance helpful as we continue to need homeschooling in Years 3 & 4. Everything we suggest is only a recommendation, so please do not feel pressured if this is more than you are currently able to do! However, as the time increases, more than ever it is important to try to regularly cover some key areas of education at home. 


Recommendation of work to complete DAILY:

yes Reading - at least 20 minutes

yes Maths - see our MATHS and MAIN ONLINE LEARNING RESOURCES for more details


yes PE activity this can come in a variety of formats, from Joe Wicks to walks and bike rides.


Recommendation of work to complete EACH WEEK*:

yes Take Five Fluency - this is important in addition to the daily maths lesson resources as it will keep the key methods of calculation going during time away from school. We do not want the children to forget these incredibly important skills!

yes Mr Cole's Weekly Writing Task


*NB: Please continue to email me the Weekly Writing Task (or other piece of writing) plus at least one piece of maths per week so that I can feedback on learning. I will be doing this for Trent, Tyne and Derwent Classes. 


Further ad hoc activities which can be worked on during the week:

yes Spellings from the Weekly Spellings list 

yes Topic work

yes Challenge of the Week!

yes Problem Solving which can be found in either the Grammar or Maths zones


If you are struggling in any way or have questions, no matter how small, please feel free to contact me at   


Best regards, Mrs Palmer