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Friday 17th February


Problem Solving

Please have a go at answering these questions below. 

Remember to read the question carefully. 


Guided Reading

Please read and answer the comprehension questions attached below. 



How to play your favourite game


Write a set of instructions on how to play your favourite board game (don’t copy the originals – we will know J)

Our school has been asked to make a book of instructions for children’s favourite games. These might be games you play at home or school. It could be a game you enjoy playing with your friends. It must not be a game you play on the computer.  


Try and include:

  • A bullet point list of things you will need
  • Time conjunctions (First, next, then, finally)
  • Imperative verbs (Pick, put, place)
  • A top tip section.


Please see attached activity. Enjoy and relax.