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Dear Parents/Carers  

The Senior Leadership Team and School Safeguarding Team have become very concerned about the number of children who following parental requests are leaving the school building unescorted by parents/carers. 


 This is a concern for the safety of the children for several reasons:  

  • Staff are unable to be reassured that children have met the appropriate adult.  
  • Staff are concerned about the children's safety if the adult meeting them were to be late.  
  • A large group of parents are now congregating outside the school gates which is something government guidance requires school processes and systems to avoid. This congregation of people outside the school gates prevents adults from keeping the recommended 2 metre social distancing.                                                 


Therefore Holway Park School Leadership & Management have made the decision to only allow pupils in Years 5 and Year 6 to leave the school building without an adult. All pupils in other year groups (including siblings of pupils in Years 5 & 6) will need to be collected from the school building.  This will start from Monday 19th October 2020 for all children in Years Reception,1,2,3 and 4.


In these unprecedented times where this virus is so significant and taking collective community responsibility, parents & carers will be required to queue at the appropriate times to collect their children.  


The safety of your children, our school community and the wider community has to take priority over convenience.


No new requests for children to leave school unattended will be authorised from now onwards unless they are in Years 5 or 6.


Sue Brewer & The School Safeguarding Team.