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Welcome to the 'Work Zone', a place where you can share your topic work and have a look at what your class friends have done! 

Emily has created this marvellous A-Z piece about Ancient Greece! Check it out...

Braiden's Greek alphabet
Beware of this Greek Warrior!
Remy's fabulous Greek vase
Check out Braiden's poster about the Ancient Greek
Daniel has made an Ancient Greek factfile!

Emily has created this marvellous Spartan warrior outfit complete with a helmet, shield and a sword and pouch!

Braiden created his very own Greek God named Flarious the Fire Legend and designed his own labyrinth out of sticks!

Flora found some Ancient Greek recipes and make them to create her very own Ancient Greek feast! Delicious!

Flora gazing at her delicious Ancient Greek feast!
Flora hard at work on her Spartan shield
Faikes Lentil Soup recipe
Souvlakia recipe
Tzatziki recipe

Here's Emily as an Ancient Greek!

Daniel made his own wreath and dressed up as an Ancient Greek. He even wrote a recipe and made a delicious Greek salad!

Carmen and Isabella have been busy researching the Ancient Greeks and making impressive Spartan shields!