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Ancient Egypt


Our most recent Geography and History topic theme was "Fantastic Pharaohs". We found out an extraordinary number of WOW facts and learnt all about life in Ancient Egypt. We stepped back in time down through the school exploring how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived, exploring who the Egyptians were and why they were so important. We sailed down the River Nile to explore the importance of this amazing resources to the Egyptians and climbed high up onto the Pyramids. 

I must say, discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun and exploring the life of a pharaoh was a favourite from all the classes!  

Have another go at exploring the Egyptians using the homework grid full of FUN activities to explore!

Sticky Learning- Revisit the learning objectives and key questions to consolidate your knowledge! 


Who were the Ancient Egyptians? When did the Ancient Egyptians have their civilisation? Was it before or after the Romans? What does ancient mean? What do we already know about the Ancient Egyptians? What was life for an every day person? What was a Pharaoh’s life like? Why was the River Nile so important? What did it enable to happen in life there? Is it still important now? Tell me a wow fact about the River Nile! Why were the pyramids important? Who were they for? How were they built? Can you remember a wow fact about the pyramids? Who is Tutankhamun? Why is he so important? Who discovered Tutankhamun? What year was he discovered? How was Tutankhamun buried? What is so significant about this? Who is Howard Carter?


  • Can you create an information leaflet or fact file all about the Ancient Egyptians? 



Use the learning objectives below to help you and to revisit to make your learning STICK! 

HIEROGLYPHICS- Can you create your own games or stories using the hieroglyphics?