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Activities by pupils!

Take a look at what some of our Eco-loving pupils have been doing at home!

Daniel's 'Ways to Save Our Oceans' poster
William is growing a tomato plant!
Eva enjoying a paddle in the stream at Great Woods
Ben's sunflower is starting to bloom!
Eva's homemade bird feeder
Carmen and Isabella working hard in the garden...
...and pond dipping.
Look what they found! A tiny tadpole sprouting leg
...and a large newt!
Arthur and Ellie-May have been making bug hotels!
Carmen & Isabella hunting for natural treasure...
...and they found a jelly fish!
Enjoying some wonderful nature walks
Remy growing basil, parsley...
...and cress!
Carmen and Isabella's herb garden!
Lily created this fantastic Eco poster!
Daniel has been researching Biomes
Daniel's work on Renewable Energy!

Amy has created this fabulous project all about elephants!