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Trent Class - Year 4/5

Class Teacher - Mrs Ogilvie  

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Winter


This term has been packed full of Viking themed activities.


Trent Class have designed and made their own shields and helmets, calculated the best length for a Viking Longship, worked out how many Vikings it can hold and what the best material would be, wrote their name in Viking Runes, discussed the roles of Viking men and women, wrote a set of instructions on 'How to be a Viking' and much MUCH more!


The children really enjoyed 'being' a Viking and using their shield for defence!


This is what some of Trent Class thought about this topic...


'This was the best topic I have ever done and I hope we can do it again another year'

Rebecca Thomas


'When we learnt about the Vikings I learnt lots of facts. The best thing I learnt was that their tunics and shields were painted with crushed plants

Alfie Sear


'I really enjoyed making the shield because I love art and craft activities'

Laura Al-Guwary


'This topic was amazing and I hope we can do it again but with different crafts'

Charlie Stickley


'I loved this topic because it was arty'

Amelia Pinn



The pupils in Trent Class thoroughly enjoyed their topic on volcanoes and earthquakes and their homework projects reflected this. Lots of house points and sparkles were given - so well done!


'We enjoyed learning about volcanoes because it was practical'

'This topic was so much fun'

'Learning about volcanoes was amazing'








This week we have enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters. We think World Book Day is the best because you can dress up, read your favourite book and read with younger children. We love books because they transport you to different worlds!


"I dressed up as Mal from Descendants. She is the main character from the

book and I enjoyed dressing up as her because she is my favourite Disney villain" 

Kelly T - Trent


"Drako Malfoy is my favourite character because it is good

to dress up as a villain sometimes" 

Ashton - Trent


"I dressed up as Dennis the Menace because he always plays

pranks on people and that makes me laugh"

Charlie - Trent 


"I loved dressing up as the Demon Dentist"

Emily - Trent 

Spring Term 2017

In Music week we learnt about body percussion. Instead of using instruments to make sounds we used our bodies. Children learnt some specific moves from Anna Meredith who composed 'Connect It'. The moves included the Haka Wave, Knee slide and the YoYo. The children then worked in a group and composed their own music using their bodies.

Body Percussion

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