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Trent - Yr 3/4

Trent Class - Year 3/4

Class Teacher - Mrs Ogilvie  

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Beale

SEN Teaching Assistant- Miss Falkner

Homework Project




We had a great Christmas Jumper day next to our class fireplace.







This term, in Maths, Trent Class have been using dienes and place value counters to support their learning. They have had some tricky problem solving and reasoning questions too! Why don’t you try and have a go?


1. Sophie parked her car on the fifth underground level (-5).

How many floors did she need to go up to get to Michelle who was parked on the 12th floor?


2. True or false?

Explain.    327 – 286 = 143


3. Sometimes, Always, Never

When subtracting a two-digit number from a three-digit number,

the hundreds column always stays the same.



Trent Class Homework Projects


I was so impressed with the time and effort the children put into their homework projects! It was lovely seeing some children going to Bristol Museum to find out about the afterlife, a few children dressing up as mummies and others turning into archaeologists by excavating a mummified body. In addition to this, the class were blown away by some of the 3D reconstructions of pyramids, tombs and canopic jars (with replica internal organs)



"I enjoyed my homework project because it was interesting finding out about Ancient."



"I really enjoyed this homework project because it was arty and everyone’s project was brilliant."



"I liked my homework project because I learnt about mummification and drew a mummy."



"I went to Bristol museum to find out facts for my project. I had a picture stood next to a real coffin!"



"Dressing up as a mummy in toilet paper was fun!"



"This homework project was the best one I’ve ever done!"

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