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Attendance 'HERO' competition


Attendance Competition




The Attendance ‘Champions League’ competition has been won by TWEED class who beat Eden in the final. Tone beat Thames to win the ‘Plate’ competition.




Each winning class won a trophy which they can display in their room until the start of the next attendance competition which will hopefully be held sometime next year.

By winning the competition TWEED class increased their chances of winning prizes in the main draw and went onto win three of the seven prizes. All the prize winners were happy to receive their reward for attending at school; they are now looking forward to enjoying trips to the cinema, Hollywood bowl or ‘Flipout’ trampoline centre.

Unfortunately not everyone could win a prize so a big shout out to those who didn’t get drawn out. Keep up the good attendance and when the next competition comes along you too can have a chance of winning prizes.

Thank you all for your help and support.

Adrian Hooper

Home School Liaison Officer

Holway Park School.